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What will the classes include?
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Do the parents/guardians get to choose which  Princess will tutor their Child's class?

The Princesses are on a set schedule and your child will be placed accordingly when we receive and review your child's assessment quiz.

As our program grows and hire new Princesses, this will expand our options for families to choose from.

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What values are implemented in each class?
  • Respecting Others and Themselves

  • Being Kind, Brave, Gracious, and Understanding

  • Practicing Good Manners, Positive Thinking, and Responsibility

  • Self Care, Self Control, and Self Discipline 

  • Practical Ways To Work Toward, Develop, and Pursue A Dream

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What is your cancelation policy?

All cancellations must be made 24 hours prior to scheduled lesson to recieve a partial refund. If you cancel within the 24 hours, you will be charged as if the lesson actually took place.

If you choose to cancel your Full Commitment of the Imagination Starz Program, we will refund all future classes starting the week after the cancelation.

IE: You cancel on the 7th, your refund will not be taken into effect until the 14th.

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How do I get a tutor?

First you'll need to fill out our assessment quiz, so that we may place your child with the best tutor.

If there is availability, we will provide a schedule for you to choose from that best work best for you and your family.

This applies for Drop-In and Full Commitment class options.

What's the minimum time to work with a tutor?
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Every class is a full hour!


With help from parents/guardians teaching them the fundamentals of ZOOM etiquette, we desire for every child to be independent learners!

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What happens if the Princess Tutor cancels a class?

Princess Tutor becoming ill or unable to attend class, we have standby substitute Princess Tutors available.

In the event of no availability of any Tutors, we will inform families 24 hours in advance. A full refund will incur. 

Can my child be Terminated from a Class or Unit?
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This tutoring agreement may be terminated by Imagination Reality LLC at any time if: the agreement is not upheld, promptness and preparedness, disrespectful behavior, and/or not following class tasks or schedule.


Imagination RealityLLC will give the client (7) seven days prior written notice. A refund may be given based on a pro-rated balance owed (if a balance is owed).

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While we strive to provide the best educational services possible and encourage and inspire positive behavior and decision making skills, Imagination Reality LLC makes no promises or warranties with regards to your child's performances as a result of any tutoring provided. In no event shall our obligations, expressed or implied, to any client or child, exceed those obligations specifically noted herein.

How do we pay for classes?
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Payment for Drop-In classes will be made before the start of each class.  Payment for a Full Unit will be made monthly in advance.