Our unique approach is influenced by research confirming that assisted learning is most effective for cognitive development when it incorporates the interactive three pillars of visual, audio, and writing.


The mission of Imagination Starz is to provide children with accessible virtual learning that is dedicated to using Princesses to positively influence the children in an informative, educational, and fun way to help them develop critical thinking skills, become independent leaders, develop character, and help others.


We will cover all foundational and early education fundamentals for Preschool and Kindergarten.


Each child will be guided to hone their skills in identifying and communicating information via sight, hearing, and writing.

  1. Units of Study: Letters, Numbers, Shapes, Colors, Writing, Drawing

  2. Objective: Build Confidence, Mental and Emotional Development, Communication Skills, Motor Skills, Manners, & Education

  3. Time Allotment: 1 Hour on ZOOM